Certified Service

KODIAK Maintenance
KODIAK Maintenance

Alas de Socorro del Ecuador has always depended on highly trained and qualified personnel, allowing the organization to provide the best maintenance service available.  Because there was no Approved Maintenance Organization in the Amazon region, ADSE was motivated to obtain certification to provide maintenance services.   In February of 2011 ADSE received their operating permission from the DGAC enabling us to provide excellent maintenance services to other aviation operators in the Amazon region.

View the certificate (PDF).


ADSE HangarWe are committed to protecting the environment.  As such our hangars are naturally ventilated and illuminated, using as much natural light as possible to minimize the use of electricity.  Fluorescent lights are strategically located in work areas and portable illumination is available for work inside of aircraft.  We maintain high levels of quality and safety, following manuals and standards that have been approved by the aviation authority.

The AMO ER-N-30 has an industrial shop equipped with all the equipment necessary for the different phases of maintenance, alteration, and repair as designated in our OpSpecs.  All our instruments are calibrated to INEN norms by national or foreign companies such as Cal Labs Inc, Boise Calibration, Aeroflex, etc.

ADSE also has a climate-controlled avionics shop designed to protect our calibration and test equipment as well as any equipment belonging to our clients while it is under repair.



  • 50,100, and 200 hour Inspections
  • Weight and Balance
  • Repairs
  • Paint
  • Welding
  • Cessna Trim Acuator Overhaul


  • Cylinder Repair
  • Fuel Pressure Adjustment
  • Alternator Inspection and Certification
  • Magneto Inspection and Certification


  • Altimeter Certification
  • Altimeter System Certification
  • Transponder Certification
  • Encoder Certification
  • ELT Inspection
  • VOR System Calibration
  • Compass Certification
  • Radio Repair
  • Installations